Cambridge ~Bartley~Indianola

Lois Circle enjoying a Wednesday night meeting.

Cambridge United Methodist Women

Cambridge UMW is a group that consist of 3 circles, Elizabeth, Lois and Martha.  Each circle hosts one meeting each month and there is also a Unit meeting once a month.  They strive in serving the community and the church with work projects and prayer.  Georgia Dutt is the 2018 UMW President and Sue Ervin is the 2018 Vice President.  If you are interested in joining UMW, and I'm sure they would love to have you, just call the church office at 308-697-4352, and our secretary will get you into contact with the group of your choice.



5    Unit Meeting           1:30pm

10  Elizabeth Circle       12:00pm

12 Bartley UMW             9:30 am

19  Lois Circle               7:00pm

27  Martha Circle          2:00pm

United Methodist Women

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